Diamond Group Architecture inc. is committed to supporting the well-being of our people and our community in our day-to-day operations. We are an equal opportunity employer that aims to create a supportive working environment that promotes health, professional development, and career advancement. We support our people in the Intern Architect Program, and encourage ‘giving back’. We give our time to our profession, our colleagues, and our communities at large. We offer competitive salaries, career growth, good benefits, and a great office culture!

Diamond Group Architecture inc. aims to be a more ‘green practice’ by making responsible choices about resources, including those we use, and those we recommend. We operate a ‘paper-less’ practice where we have reduced our paper use by 90%. We prioritize walking, cycling, transit, and car-share for our transportation modes, and offer secure bicycle parking and showers for our staff. We consider energy usage, embodied energy, and life-cycle costs. We incorporate ‘green design’ solutions like ‘passive’ over ‘active’ systems, solar, and rainwater harvesting. We encourage renovation, retention, and adaptive reuse of buildings.

Diamond Group Architecture inc., through gifts of time and donations, supports the following great organizations in their efforts to create more sustainable environments and communities.